Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh. M'Gawd. How f*cking cool is this?!

Apparently Radiohead have a new album out. I didn't know that - not that I buy a lot of CDs anyway, but still, I like to know who's got a new album out of the bands I do like (great for when people ask you "what do you want for Christmas/Your Birthday/Our Anniversary/Mother's Day/Valentine's Day").

But here's the catch: the album is ONLY available online.

But wait! It gets better: not only is the album only available to download right now, but YOU get to choose what you pay!**

I'm not kidding. At first I thought it might have been some marketing ploy, so I went to their website to check it out.

I just downloaded it - for less than £1!!!

While it was downloading, I thought to myself "how the heck can they get away with letting people pay what they WANT to pay?" But then I thought about it. If they're making it available as a download only, they're not going to have to pay marketing fees (we - the public - are acting as their marketing agents), production costs, etc. So, aside from whatever it cost them to actually record and edit the album, everything they're getting is going straight into their pockets.

They DO have an option of ordering an actual CD, but they won't be shipping them out until December, and you still get the download as well.

I just thought that was too f*cking cool. So I had to share it.

** There IS a debit charge... but it's only £0.45. And they have a link to a currency exchange site, so regardless of what country you're in, you still get to choose what you pay... you'll just have to change it over to ££s. Not bad, eh?

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